How hybrid work is transforming the manufacturing market

COVID-19 launched hybrid work as the new normal. Hybrid work allows you to communicate and collaborate with staff working in different locations at any time. Innoptus has also embraced hybrid work. This allowed us to keep the same office space while doubling our number of employees. Previously, we usually worked at our office or the customer’s premises. Today, some of our colleagues opt to work from home, and some for practical reasons, such as travel distance. This does not usurp personal contact but is a complement to our collaboration.

Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0

The manufacturing sector is also changing due to digital transformation. Software is everywhere. The automation of Business Processes and developments, such as the IoT and Industry 4.0, are changing the way production environments work. 

In days past, someone in production would simply walk to engineering. But, not today. Digital transformation means we must work differently. 

What are the benefits of hybrid work?

  • Office costs savings
  • Increased productivity
  • Staff satisfaction at home and work
  • Greater choice of suitable employees

How do you optimise hybrid processes?

Important matters influencing efficient hybrid work include:

  • Ready access to the information needed at the moment affects work efficiency
  • Secure exchange of messages and files 
  • Easy retrieval of meeting notes and documents
  • Smooth communication with one or more colleagues

Hybrid working is individualised

You must always individualise hybrid work. What makes staff feel happy? What are their needs? What resources do they need? And what can the office provide them with? What dovetails with the company? 

Relationships are essential

When everyone works from home, nothing binds staff together. How can we ensure we do not alienate each other? A team succeeds based on its working relationships.

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