3D illustrations and animations for a better service

For many companies, providing service on a product is one of the most important activities with a great contribution to the operating result. Augmented Reality and Connectivity play an important role in the form of remote support, prevention of machine downtime, and high first-time fix rates.

In addition, within the large service domain, we support your organization in creating, managing, and providing the right service information. This includes manuals, spare parts information, defining service kits, and spare parts planning.

Interactive, technical illustrations in 3D

Our solutions offer a source of graphical information. Hence, you dispose of all necessary information for the efficient running of your product assembly, sales, or maintenance. We support companies by using existing design content and enriching it with 3D technical illustrations and animations. The reuse of existing design content makes sure that your technical illustrations are finished before the first physical product is even made. This prevents the use of unclear images.

Advantages of interactive technical installations

  • Complex service procedures or manuals are immediately obvious
  • 3D animations give a clear picture
  • Saving translation costs (texts are replaced by illustrations)
  • The possibility to automize spare parts lists
  • Manuals and work instructions are already ready before the first physical product is even made
  • Very quick or even automatic updates in case of adjustments in the original design content

For many companies, providing service on a product is one of the most important activities, which contribute significantly to the company results.

Case in the spotlight

I had been walking around for years with the idea of improving the 3D printer. And now, together with Innoptus, I have made that idea concrete. It has become an innovative product that performs remarkably better than the traditional 3D printer.

Jonathan Palmaers, Fuse Lab 3D

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