Digital Thread

A Digital Thread forms the connection between the digital and physical world, over the whole life cycle of the products. This way, all sides dispose of the accurate product and process data. At the right time and in the right context.

Here, walls are being demolished between different departments. The result? Up-to-date product and process information.

A digital thread connects

Digital Thread is the end-to-end flow of information about a product and process over all departments. Before, information was only available to the department that had created those data. Other departments created their own new information, without even knowing what was exactly available earlier in the process or what was still important further up the chain.

The Digital Thread connects all info and occurrences with each other. On the one hand, you get information about the digital product. On the other hand, you get information about the physical product during the whole life cycle from development and production to service.

Connecting data flows with each other

Digital Thread implies the use of various tools:

  • Design of the digital product: 3D CAD data or simulations.
  • Real-time data of the physical product.
  • Data from other Enterprise solutions like ERP, MES, or Quality Management Systems. For such applications, open architecture and a complete connection between the different data flows are very important.

Case in the spotlight

I had been walking around for years with the idea of improving the 3D printer. And now, together with Innoptus, I have made that idea concrete. It has become an innovative product that performs remarkably better than the traditional 3D printer.

Jonathan Palmaers, Fuse Lab 3D

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