Managing and creating technical documentation is not easy. On the one hand, there are things that are imposed by the government, on the other hand, you have matters that your company finds important.

In today's global market, where companies operate across border and time zones, customers demand that relevant product information is delivered correctly. Arbortext offers the possibility to define, write and illustrate dynamic product information in the user's preferred language and formats.

Technical Documentation Solutions

Arbortext is modular software that offers the possibility to users to create technical documents which can be reused in different ways, by means of market-leading tools. These tools can be used separately or together, in order to increase the productivity of employees and to maximize the value of information. This is possible by creating reusable content that is based on components. As a consequence, there is a higher quality of product information, while you need less time to edit it.

Arbortext Differentiator: Digital Thread

Striving for homogeneity and easy universal access to data.

They follow a single set of related data as it weaves in and out of business processes and functions to create continuity and accessibility.

With Arbortext you can create a single stream of data and resources that makes it possible to link content all the way to someone in the field and provide them with specifically the information they need to do their job in the best possible way.





  • Arbortext Publishing Engine
  • Arbortext Content Delivery

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  • Automatically update content in conjunction with product development changes and stay connected to technical data
  • Reuse and leverage content with XML authoring
  • Support effective translation management
  • Enable efficient collaboration between teams on content
  • Provide more efficient task allocation, routing and collaboration on writing


  • Manage technical content originating from multiple sources
  • Be involved in the change process when content needs to be updated
  • Leverage CAD and facility information for faster delivery and content development
  • Enable a more efficient review process
  • Reduce manual workflows and non-value-added tasks


  • Cost-effective delivery of up-to-date documentation to customers and maintenance personnel
  • Reduce the operational costs of delivering service information
  • Use automated publishing to reduce labor costs and the need for multiple manual applications
  • Integrate technical changes into product information more efficiently to maintain up-to-date publications

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