Digital Twin

Digital Twin means a digital representation of a certain product and its operation. It is a digital representation of a product and its operation. The Digital Twin is continuously enriched by using real-time usage data, machine learning and simulations based on usage data instead of assumptions. This enables our customers to innovate and offer new services in a strategic way.

Digital twins

A Digital Twin forms a connection between the real world and the digital world. Therefore, you get all possible information in real-time, quickly, and correctly.

But a Digital Twin is active in different domains. The focus may be on the visualization of a product, analyses regarding the use of a product or its functions, predicting and recognizing possible problems, or the optimization of a (production) process.

For instance, we apply the Digital Twin technique in various use cases in order to optimize your product or process continuously.

Predictive maintenance

Often, the aim of the Digital Twin is to change the maintenance plan of a product from a preventive maintenance to a predictive maintenance. A preventive maintenance is quite expensive, because one expects that the product or machine will not break down. This often means that the replacement of parts or service appointments are scheduled relatively early. Unfortunately, a failure will still regularly occur, which leads to downtime or the failure of a product or a machine.

Predictive maintenance will guarantee that the maintenance will always take place at the right moment (later or earlier than preventively planned), by using a Digital Twin with real-time user data, smart machine learning algorithms, and simulation solutions. This reduces costs and downtime.

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