Connectivity revolves around two major pillars. On the one hand, there are the Smart Connected Products, where we examine how your smart product behaves in 'the field'. On the other hand, we provide Smart Connected Operations: a smart production facility that allows us to make the step towards Predictive Maintenance and gives us more control over what we can produce. Connectivity is the way to go!

Coherence between the digital and physical world

The convergence of the digital and physical world is becoming increasingly visible. A few years ago, there was a clear separation between digital and physical products. Based on the overall experience, feedback of end-users, assumptions, and a lot of tests, research has been done regarding the use of the product. Assessments have been made regarding the replacement of parts and services in order to make the products function properly. Connectivity solutions have made sure that real-time information regarding the use and the performance of a product is available at any time. Generated data of the physical product are the right breeding ground to perform product optimizations in a digital way and to search for new possibilities.

Connectivity in various forms

  • Receiving and analyzing real-time data of products and machines.
  • Simulations on the digital product based on data of the physical product.
  • Monitoring machines in order to perform predictive maintenance and service.
  • Implementing product updates in a controlled way.
  • Gaining insight into the use of a product (functions, active/inactive, most frequently performed operations, …).
  • Analyzing a problem based on proper data and increasing your first-time fix rate.

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