Computer-Aided Manufacturing

Carrying out what is on the drawing with the right solutions. That is what Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) is all about. Manufacturing solutions are not only necessary for the production of a product, but also for the support of the assembly process, the maintenance of the machine, and the optimization of the total production process.

Quick switch from design to production

After a product has been designed, it still has to be created. During the design phase, people do not always think about how a product can be produced in the most efficient way. That is why production is going wrong.

Moreover, it often happens that a lot of adjustments are being made in the design during the start-up of the production process. Those modifications have to be communicated. That is why clear communication, with as many integrated solutions as possible, is so important.

Optimization of the production process

An efficient and predictable production process is crucial for production companies. Manufacturing solutions help to determine the best steps for assembling in the factory. All components and production tools have to be available in the right place and at the right time (production routing). Also, the monitoring of the performance of production machines and the proactive planning of the maintenance of machines guarantee a smooth, predictable and cost-effective production process.

Case in the spotlight

I had been walking around for years with the idea of improving the 3D printer. And now, together with Innoptus, I have made that idea concrete. It has become an innovative product that performs remarkably better than the traditional 3D printer.

Jonathan Palmaers, Fuse Lab 3D

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