Innoptus Solar Team

The Innoptus Solar Team consists of Belgian engineering students from KU Leuven who aim to build the most innovative and efficient solar car possible. As of 2023, the team can depend on Innoptus as its main sponsor to help it achieve its goal. 

The 10th Belgian solar car will compete in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia in 2023.

July 14th, 2023: New car, new name!

Meet INFINITE, the 10th Belgian Solar Car! 

Every two year, the Innoptus Solar Team design a completely new Solar Car bases on new ideas, simulations and experiments. The other year, they innovate and improve the currently existing car. 

This year the students designed a completely new car, which is called INFINITE. A fitting name, considering that the Ansys solutions from Infinite have had a big impact on the design of the vehicle. After lots of simulations, the Solar Team was able to design a super aerodynamic car with which they are going to defend their World Title this October. 

July, 2023: Into the wind tunnel

The new Solar Car must be streamlined to the max! For this, the team did a lot of CFD simulations.  
In July, the team is testing their new vehicle in the wind tunnel to examine whether the simulations correspond to reality. 

It is also a great way to find out if there are some minor adjustments necessary before the Solar Car leaves for Australia. Because of these wind tests, the designers can also see how the car performs under certain types of wind and how to use this to their advantage. 

August, 2023: Racing simulations

Time to test! In August the students are taking their car to the test track to test it thoroughly. How does it drive? How does it react on certain circumstances? Are all systems functioning as designed? Everything to be prepared for the World Championships!

September, 2023: On the Road

Time to leave! We’re sending of INFINITE at the end of August. The Solar Car will be transported to Australia by airplane.  

Two weeks after, the team leaves as well. Giving them a month in Australia to test the car, to do some final adjustments and acclimate to the warmer climate. This way they are ready to race! 

October 22nd, 2023: On your marks? Set. Go!

On October 22nd, the race starts. 3021 km through the Australian Outback. Only using solar energy. Who will finish first? 

The Innoptus Solar Team is defending a title. During the last edition, they were crowned World Champion. However, there is a lot of competition this year, since the 2021 edition was cancelled. 

We wish ‘our’ team the best of luck during the race. 

Break a leg! 

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As a company, Innoptus wants to take social corporate responsibility and bridge the gap between education and industry. It provides high-end technology and expertise, which allows the Innoptus Solar Team engineers to work with the best technology and best practices. Innoptus can and wants to play an active, supporting role, and the best way to do so is through intense collaboration.

Innoptus is part of the 4ITEGO Group together with Infinite. Both Innoptus and Infinite are sponsors of the Solar Team. The Solar Team can use Ansys software and expertise through Infinite for its simulations. In terms of design and data management, Innoptus supports the team with PTC software and know-how to optimise their product development process. The rebranding of CadCorner and the GPO Solutions made it crucial for us that Innoptus gained more visibility in the market. Infinite is already well established, which is why we choose to link the Innoptus name to the Solar Team.