Innoptus Solar Team

The Innoptus Solar Team consists of Belgian engineering students from KU Leuven who aim to build the most innovative and efficient solar car possible. As of 2023, the team can depend on Innoptus as its main sponsor to help it achieve its goal. 

The tenth Belgian solar car will compete in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia in 2023.


As a company, Innoptus wants to take social corporate responsibility and bridge the gap between education and industry. It provides high-end technology and expertise, which allows the Innoptus Solar Team engineers to work with the best technology and best practices. Innoptus can and wants to play an active, supporting role, and the best way to do so is through intense collaboration.

Innoptus is part of the 4ITEGO Group together with Infinite. Both Innoptus and Infinite are sponsors of the Solar Team. The Solar Team can use Ansys software and expertise through Infinite for its simulations. In terms of design and data management, Innoptus supports the team with PTC software and know-how to optimise their product development process. The rebranding of CadCorner and the GPO Solutions made it crucial for us that Innoptus gained more visibility in the market. Infinite is already well established, which is why we choose to link the Innoptus name to the Solar Team.


Right through the Australian Outback, 3,021 kilometres away. The 2005 World Solar Challenge was the project for the Umicar One, Belgium’s very first solar car. Today – 10 solar cars and many thousands of kilometres later – that remains the challenge: to build solar cars and race them around the world. It illustrates the power of green energy and proves that Belgian technologies and companies are at the forefront. The Umicar One finished 10th out of 22 competitors in 2005


In 2016, Innoptus (then CadCorner) committed to being a ‘silver’ sponsor of the Solar Team. Innoptus had five employees at the time. The Solar Team and Innoptus share certain values.

  1. The promotion of renewable energy
  2. The promotion of advanced technology
  3. Foster interest in science and technology among young people
  4. Encourage and facilitate entrepreneurship

These four cornerstones align perfectly with our 4ITEGO values (Sustainability, Expertise, Commitment, and Integrity).


In the meantime, quite a few engineering students now form the basis of the Innoptus Solar Team. Every two years, they build a new solar car, with which they compete in various international competitions. The 10th Belgian solar car will compete in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia in 2023. The first team had 15 engineering students at the time.


The Punch 2 was the 7th Belgian solar car. It crossed the finish line of the World Solar Challenge in 3rd place back in 2017.


Innoptus is committed to being the main sponsor for the next 2 years. To start. “We’re committed to this as a long-term partnership that matches our long-term vision. 2 years is the standard duration for a partnership with the Solar Team. This does not impede our current thinking about the potential evolutions in 3 or 4 years.


Belgium’s 8th solar car – BluePoint – crowned itself world champion in the 2019 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. A 1st place and a 1st world title for the Solar Team. The BluePoint participated in the iLumen European Solar Challenge in September 2020 and 2021, where it crossed the finish line in 1st place twice, respectively.


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