A successful approach

You expect a complete and efficient approach. Before taking on your project, we make sure that we perfectly understand the DNA of your organization. With our proven approach, we ensure a faster time to market and an effective solution via CAD, CAE, PLM, CAM, AR or IoT.

Therefore, we prefer 1 (or no) prototypes and simulation in a virtual world rather than 5 attempts to a prototype. Are you choosing Innoptus as a partner in the (digital) transformation of your company, we promise you it’s going to be an exciting journey.

Your trusted advisor
from concept to realization

Customers in the manufacturing industry (discrete manufacturing) count on our extensive team of consultants for a large range of solutions. As a trusted advisor, we support you in translating your business objectives into possible solutions. Our services and our industry-leading partners are crucial in this. This way, you can focus on your core business.

Our approach consists of 4 stages. It is not always necessary to go through all these phases, but we make them available for you.

Our approach


We strive to understand perfectly what goals you have and what challenges stand in the way of achieving them. We spend a lot of time raising awareness around possible solution directions we offer. During our collaboration, we take you on a journey and guide you through an exciting, digital world. Step by step and with sufficient text and explanation.


We discover how your current processes are set up. To gain this knowledge, we engage in discussions with the process owner, middle management and the highest decision-making authority. It leads to a specific identification of challenges, including examples and impact on the organisation. We compare your business processes with industry best practices.


In this stage we propose specific solutions. At the same time, we try to find out to what extent those solutions match with your company. In this way, we arrive at custom solutions and create support at all levels. And we research the impact of the assessment on your company and its organization.


During this stage, the project is realized. We start from a detailed plan and then switch to building the solution, to finally implement and secure the project within your organisation. If necessary, we make adjustments during this digital journey. The end result is a better and more efficient production process.

What our customers have to say

Atlas Copco

We do a lot of CNC machining and thanks to the support of Innoptus, we are able to save a lot of time and money by using Vericut for the optimisation of NC programs. Machining the same piece now takes less time and the risk of breaking tools or the machine are minimised. Innoptus was a true partner in this project since they showed and proved the gains that could be achieved with Vericut.

Christof Mattheussen, Process Leader Castings

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