Vuforia, market-leading enterprise AR

Vuforia is a comprehensive, scalable AR platform for the industry. It transforms CAD and IoT data into detailed AR experiences that provide critical information to frontline workers when and where they need it. Getting the right AR technology to you based on your needs is our goal.

The possibilities of Vuforia

Vuforia Engine

More than 800,000 developers have chosen Vuforia Engine's advanced computer vision, robust performance and cross-platform reach, making it the most popular augmented reality software in the world.

Vuforia Engine offers an advanced technology that companies need in order to differentiate the way they sell and market their product.

Create captivating 3D product demonstrations, and interactive branding campaigns or make applications for your customers so that they can view your products at home and personalize them.

Augmented Reality connects people with products by means of experiences that drive revenue and brand recognition.

Vuforia Studio

Vuforia Studio can convert your current CAD and IoT data to detailed AR experiences which provide crucial information to frontline workers, where and whenever they need it the most. Realize the value of 3D AR training, instruction and visualizations for:

  • Increasing the productivity and satisfaction of the employees
  • Reducing errors and waste because of accidents
  • Improving customer experiences and competitive advantage


Simplify complex instructions

Make use of existing 3D CAD data and animated sequences in order to create intuitive assembly and service instructions, as well as inspection and operating instructions.

Visualize IoT Data

Integrate efficient sensor and contextual IoT data of the ThingWorx platform and business system data. Inject AR experiences with useful insights.

Scalability within the organization

Distribute AR experiences through the whole organization via a single viewer application on your mobile device or headset.

Enrich user experience

Make use of innovative tracking methods for a quicker identification of targets, accurate digital overlays, and the installation of virtual 3D products in real environments.

Vuforia Chalk

Remote support is possible thanks to Augmented Reality. Bring your technicians and several experts together for real-time problem solutions and cooperation.

Remote support based on Augmented Reality makes it possible to support and guide your plant operations and service team based on expertise.

Vuforia Chalk combines advanced AR collaboration tools with real-time video communication in order to let a field technician get in touch with an expert. Hence, they can check the situation and talk about it. Technicians and experts can take digital notes on a mobile screen or desktop, so that they can lead the technician through the process, step by step.


Reduce precious time on site

Repair and solve solutions faster by offering real-time AR support to frontline workers from your most experienced team members. Eliminate unnecessary costs and costs associated with recurring visits.

Improve uptime and efficiency

Reduce downtime and find solutions faster by letting your field technicians and customers get in touch with experts who can guide and support them in solving problems and repair processes.

Increase security and compliance

Keep field technicians safe while they maintain dangerous machines and working environments. Enable experts to mark the live view of a technician by means of callouts that indicate specific details, dangers, or steps that have to be taken in order to avoid errors and accidents.

Support customers in self-service

Reduce downtime of customers by offering the possibility to solve problems by themselves. Give your customers expert assistance which they need in order to solve their problems quickly.

Vuforia Expert Capture

Share expert knowledge with your frontline workers. Capture the domain expertise from your most experienced staff in order to train effectively and retrain your employees with procedures and instructions based on Augmented Reality.

Vuforia Expert Capture is the fastest and easiest way to document the years of knowledge from your skilled employees and to share it with the whole organization. With Vuforia Expert Capture your experienced experts can capture step-by-step procedures and best practices while they are working. Moreover, they can convert those insights into reusable process documents, job aids and training material.

Improve installation and conversion, streamline equipment assembly and maintenance, and modernize employee training with Expert Capture's digital, augmented reality-based work instructions.


Increase the production transit

Give your frontline workers Augmented Reality-driven instructions within the right context which improve the accuracy of their work and ensure that your production line keeps running at an optimal level.

Increase the productivity of your employees

In a complex production process, a simple, step-by-step support for employees ensures that every task is completed successfully. This leads to greater efficiency and productivity of the staff.

Improve safety and compliance

By offering best practices of your experts to the whole organization and by enabling digital traceability at the same time, you guarantee that a procedure is completed, according to safety standards and safety regulations.

Reduce the operational costs

Decrease the number of expensive, personal onboarding and training and improve the productivity of your new employees by means of more effective, digital training tactics and AR support.

Vuforia Instruct

Optimize inspection procedures with Vuforia Instruct. Improve the accuracy and stimulate continuous process improvement with work instructions that are based on CAD.

Vuforia Instruct accelerates and simplifies the creation and the delivering of improved 3D work instructions to frontline workers in order to optimize inspections.

Augmented Reality (AR) work instructions reduce the number of errors associated with traditional training and instruction methods. Moreover, they offer the possibility to capture input regarding specific procedures.


Simple AR work instructions

Vuforia Instruct is a ready-made solution that makes it easy for customers to create, perform and analyze work instructions that are based on CAD.

Create quickly and easily

The safe web environment of Vuforia Instruct is accessible anywhere and anytime. With this, authors can make simple, step-by-step contextual instructions. Hence, a lot of those steps, which are normally essential for the construction of AR content, can be significantly reduced.

Optimized procedure performance

Employees can perform their inspections in an efficient way, by communicating clearly about what is wrong (or right), in the easiest and most accurate way. Moreover, a real-time data collection can be tracked.

Integrated report and analysis

An integrated portal enables key stakeholders to be kept up to date regarding usage activities in the workplace and in the field. Therefore, traceability is guaranteed for audit and compliance purposes. Finally, continuous improvement is stimulated.

Make use of CAD investments

Expand the value of 3D CAD to the frontline, by means of informative and easy-to-understand procedures. Hence, guesswork and interpretations become unnecessary.

Scheduled group
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April 2024



duration: 3 days

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With our 3-day Essentials training, we offer you the necessary knowledge with regards to the functionalities and functions in PTC Creo Parametric.


duration: 1 day

Detailed Design Essentials using PTC Creo Parametric

With our 1-day Detailed Essentials training, we offer you the necessary knowledge with regards to detailed design in PTC Creo Parametric.


duration: 1 day

Sheet metal Design Essentials using PTC Creo Parametric

With our 1-day Sheet metal Essentials training, we offer you the necessary knowledge with regards to sheet metal design in PTC Creo Parametric.


duration: 1 day

Mechanism Design using PTC Creo Parametric

With our 1-day Mechanism design training, we offer you the necessary knowledge with regards to Mechanism design in PTC Creo Parametric.

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