Fuse Lab 3D

The last 4 years, Jonathan Palmaers has intensively worked on an own prototype for 3D printers. It has turned into an innovative product which performs remarkably better than any other traditional 3D printer.

My innovative 3D-printer, with a patent, is the result of the innovative and qualitative software of Innoptus

“In order to sketch the story of the collaboration with Innoptus, I have to go back in time. As a student and hobbyist, I was always making mechanical things. To be honest, I was a real nerd … in heart and soul. The choice to go to university was therefore obvious. There I faced the drawing software for the very first time, as you learn how to design mechanical components. Really my cup of tea! During my student days I was familiarized with the software which Innoptus distributes today. Honestly? I will always remember the first software I learned to work with. It’s always something special. Actually, I was a bit obsessed by it.”

“After my education I did an internship in a company that uses exactly the same software. There I worked with it very intensively. Meanwhile I must say that I have quite a lot of experience with it. As a freelancer, later I worked in the automotive industry. Finally, I decided to develop a product by myself. As soon as I took this decision, it was quite a logical step to buy the software myself. Since that moment I never stopped using it.”

Software for 3D models

“The software I use, is software to generate 3D models of mechanical machines. I use this software to control computer-controlled machines. Because I am so enthusiastic about the effectiveness of this software, I decided to take an extra option too. With this option, from now on, I can even make my own prototypes. Today I still use the software of Innoptus in my own company, Fuse Lab 3D, which is specialized in 3D printers.”

Recommended by my professor in university

“How did I actually get in touch with Innoptus? As a matter of fact, it was my professor in university who knew Xavier Werbrouck personally. As soon as I realized that I was no longer busy with a hobby, but with a real company, I had to purchase the software. For my own company. That’s why I contacted my professor once again. I asked him where I could buy the amazing software. The rest is history. As soon as I met Xavier, he was only just getting started with his company.”

Soon we will be upscaling. I'm sure I'll be able to count on Innoptus their professional support again then. - Jonathan Palmaers

More than delivering software

“Actually, Innoptus does a lot more than just delivering software. That is why I can always count on their support. Even in the automotive company, in which I worked a very long time, they always guaranteed an excellent support. For me, ‘support’ means training, in the first place. Because, if you want to control computer-controlled machines, it takes a lot of preparation. That is why it is absolutely necessary to get a decent backup. During this preparatory stage, we communicated a lot. Moreover, for me, their training helped me a lot to bring the machines up to speed. Finally, I was always welcome with any kind of question.”

Everything is running smoothly

“The result? I don’t need any support anymore. Everything is running smoothly. Innoptus has delivered all necessary software for 3D models, controlling computer-controlled machines and my database management. Moreover, we always work with the latest version of the product. This is really a must-have.”

“I have to admit that I am quite skilled in this kind of software. I don’t need any support anymore. However, soon we are going to scale up. So, I am convinced that I can count on their professional support once again.”

An own prototype … with patent

“The past 4 years, I have been working on my own prototype of 3D printers. For years, I had the idea to ameliorate the current 3D printer. And finally, I made this idea concrete. It has turned into an innovative product which performs remarkably better than any other traditional 3D printer. The print head is innovative. A real pioneer. That is why I patented it. Today Fuse Lab prints all kinds of metal and ceramic parts. Actually, the whole development of this 3D printer is the result of this innovative and qualitative software of Innoptus.”

Friendship after the collaboration

“Actually, I am very positive about the collaboration. The team always responds very quickly in case of problems or when you have to figure something out. Once I had a huge problem with my database. It did not work. The person who usually helps me out was actually on vacation, but helped me anyway. I am even still in touch with one of them. We have even become friends. This person is Thomas Sarre. I am always happy when I call him. It is always fun to talk with each other. Also, when we are not working, we meet each other. For me, this is friendship forever.”

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