Secure knowledge and experience in case of a shortage of experienced technicians

Today, we can no longer ignore it. There is definitely a growing shortage of experienced technicians or technically trained people. In the future, undoubtedly, this problem will only get worse. As a company, you have to take this evolution into account. Securing knowledge and experience is, more than ever, an issue within the manufacturing industry.

Local heroes

Most organizations have a number of very experienced employees. Most of the time, those people know exactly how to handle things, whatever the situation is. They are exactly those people whom everyone can turn to for advice or help, in case of unforeseen circumstances. We like to call them ‘local heroes’. Because they are definitely heroes. For every question or problem, they got the right answer or solution. This way, people do not make the same mistake again and again. 

However, your company is not solid enough if you could only count on those local heroes. What if they get chronically ill? Or if they retire? And what if your production doubles? Or even increases tenfold? Actually, each employee should have the same knowledge and should be able to share it with new or less experienced employees. Because, if Joe is a ‘local hero’ and the production gets an unprecedented growth, then you have to hire 4 extra people for the production department in order to support that single local hero.

Digital Thread to the rescue

Digital Thread guarantees that you become less dependent on the so-called ‘local heroes’, as mentioned above. On the one hand, Digital Thread ensures that you can easily grow and upscale. On the other hand, you can secure the knowledge and experience of these heroes within your organization.

In addition to Digital Thread, also AR could be an effective solution. Thanks to Augmented Reality you manage to capture knowledge of people and to share it with other employees, at the moment they need this knowledge and experience.

Our solutions

A detailed digital model or design is the basis of almost every product. A 3D design starts with the creation of an initial concept before being further developed, validated and prepared for production.

Simulation is the virtual imitation of a physical product (that often does not even exist yet). It is not only about the operation of a product, but also about the quality, reliability and behavior of a product.

Carrying out what is on the drawing with the right solutions. That is what Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) is all about. Manufacturing solutions are not only necessary for the production of a product, but also for the support of the assembly process, the maintenance of the machine, and the optimization of the total production process.

An optimal connection between machines in the factory or products in the field results in efficient optimizations. Connectivity equals the connection between your digital and physical product and monitoring machines.

Augmented Reality (AR) combines digital information with the real world. It places the digital info over reality. Therefore, you keep the full context of your environment. Moreover, you can enrich it with relevant information at the right time and in the right place.

Within the large field of service, we support your organization with creating, managing and providing proper service information. Think about manuals, spare parts information, defining service kits and spare parts planning.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is the systematic approach to managing the lifecycle of a digital product. This involves carefully managing the digital product at each lifecycle stage.

Digital Twin means a digital representation of a certain product and its operation. The Digital Twin is continuously enriched by making use of real-time user data, machine learning, and simulations based on user data.

A Digital Thread forms the connection between the digital and physical world, over the whole life cycle of the products. This way, all sides dispose of accurate product and process data. At the right time and in the right context.

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