Sharper Than Ever: Reduce Post-Processing with KeyShot 2024, Plus Enjoy Faster GPU Rendering and More Responsive UI

KeyShot 2024 provides the sharpest visual output ever, cutting down your need for post-processing work, as well as helpful upgrades for Web Viewer, an improved real-time view, and more.

New in 2024: Image Sharpening

Results looking a little flat or blurred? KeyShot 2024 brings you a new image style option called Image Sharpening, which allows you to make crisp images with details that pop. Image Sharpening lets you control Intensity, making dark edges darker and light edges look brighter, and Radius, the distance outside the sharpened edges that the effect is applied to. Your sharper images will also translate to KeyShot Web Viewer.

KeyShot 2024 also provides you with sharper-looking visuals while you’re working on your project, thanks to UI updates that improve responsiveness.

KeyShot Web Viewer Upgrades

KeyShot Web is one of the most-requested add-ons, with time-saving benefits that extend from the approval process to publishing marketing-ready visuals online. Users will find a more responsive and better-performing Web Viewer in KeyShot 2024, as well as the option (not requirement) to include 3D scenes in order to execute an upload.

Color Library Updates

Last year, KeyShot provided a rainbow of new color features and libraries, and they’re keeping them updated. KeyShot 2024 provides the 2024 RAL version and updates to the other third-party libraries they support.

Faster GPU Mode

GPU Mode in KeyShot uses the “Optix” framework provided by NVidia. In 2024.1 they’ve updated the framework to the newest version (8). Based on internal testing, this improves performance up to 25%, with a median improvement of around 12%.

Plus These Quality Updates

Updated Importers: Added support for Rhino 8, Catia V6 / 3DExperience 3D Read: R2024x, Solid Edge 3D Read: 2024, SOLIDWORKS 3D Read: 2024, UG NX 3D Read: NX 2306 Series (until 2306.7000) Scene Compression: Get smaller file sizes (up to 33%) and faster saving time (up to 10%)

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