How do you speed up the time-to-market in product development?

Time to market introduction is one of the most important factors for product development success. The faster a product is introduced to the market, the more chance you have of gaining a competitive edge and dominating the market. A PLM solution helps speed up that time considerably.

Make your process better, smarter and faster

Information reuse is an important factor in reducing product time-to-market. Setting up configurable product families, for example, can help make the approach faster and smarter. If a company makes multiple products that have similar parts or functions, reusing them can result in faster development and production. This can reduce costs and lead times, while improving quality and reliability.

It facilitates collaboration

PLM software promotes collaboration within and between teams. All the data, people and processes are found in one transparent, predictable system. This helps you make the right decisions quickly based on the right information. All product data and documentation is stored and updated in one central location, making it easy to share and access the latest versions. 

Valuable interaction between engineering and manufacturing 

Thanks to PLM, the manufacturing department is involved in the design process much sooner and can provide input and feedback. This means that manufacturing requirements can already be taken into account during the design process, which can result in a much smoother and more efficient production process. PLM software thus contributes to shorter time-to-market and a more efficient production process.

Save costs through release automation 

PLM software can be cost-saving for product release processes because it can improve the efficiency and accuracy of these processes. Release processes usually involve a series of tasks that must be completed before a product can be released to the market, such as approvals, inspections and audits. PLM software can streamline these labour-intensive tasks by providing automated workflows and inspections, making the process more efficient and less prone to error. This saves time and money as the process can be completed faster and the chance of errors and rejections is reduced.

How does Windchill help speed up time-to-market?

Windchill is a powerful, comprehensive PLM solution from PTC that allows you to manage all the data and processes throughout a product's life cycle. The software is easy to set up and use - even without developers.

For example, Windchill helps with BOM management: parts list management consists of capturing, configuring, and managing all product data developed during a product’s life cycle. Furthermore, Windchill can compare the geometry of a design with parts and products already in the database. 

By reusing existing elements, you can save a lot of time and get your products to market faster.

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