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On 10 June 2022, 4ITEGO invited industry peers and partners to attend some fascinating inspiration sessions and to be introduced to Innoptus and Infinite. The venue was the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven.

The most recent Industrial Innovation Event was held at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, where 4ITEGO invited numerous partners and companies from the manufacturing industry to discover the latest developments in digital transformation.

New corporate identity presented

Attendees enjoyed snacks and drinks and eagerly seized the opportunity to personally meet with each other for the first time in ages. 4ITEGO presented the new corporate identity of the recently expanded group in the presence of customers, partners and sector colleagues. Innoptus and Infinite were introduced with the Launch Movie, which highlighted their collaboration as a single unit consisting of powerful components. “I believe this is a successful rebranding that primarily illustrates that 4ITEGO not only has a vision for the future, but a clear strategy as well,” notably pointed out Ank De Wilde, CEO & founder of Absolem.

Fascinating eye-catchers

After a warm welcome, various keynote speakers presented an interesting morning programme. Specific themes were further explored after lunch. The common interests of the attendees, and the significant role played by simulation, were a common thread throughout the event, among other things. Meanwhile, the autonomous, electric Transformer ’URE14’ and the Blue Point Atlas solar car of the Agoria Solar Team were two real achievements and eye-catchers on the lawns.

Special attention was also focused on the values that 4ITEGO promote and wanted to emphasise during the Industrial Innovation Event: "Their honesty is crucial to me," remarked Patrick Cauwels of BMT Drive Solutions. "Both Innoptus and Infinite collaborate with their customers to find them a cost-efficient approach. The focus is on the customer and its development process, which is, of course, the most important thing. Especially since they don’t try to mislead us along the way, and go straight for the goal."

The Industrial Innovation Event not only presented an opportunity to have genuine meetings with each other again, but also a fascinating and inspiring day on which ‘Digital Transformation’ was discussed in all its facets and manifestations.

We thank our partners who made all of this possible and invite you to enjoy our aftermovie.

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