Make your models configurable

By making models configurable, we guarantee you don’t need engineering for each separately sold product. As a matter of fact, we focus on Configure to Order instead of Engineering to Order. It is important to contemplate about the different possibilities that exist. Subsequently, we set up the final product in blocks. We do this by making use of so-called calculation rules. Those rules comprise the final product.

Faster production, higher quality

Because you do not need expensive engineering for the development of every single product, you do not lose precious time. Moreover, this means that you will produce the same parts more often. Hence, your production speeds up a lot. The quality of your production increases considerably too. Actually, a kind of routine process is created. You could compare it with assembling an IKEA® cupboard. The first time, it will take about an hour to do the job. But if you have to assemble the same cupboard 10 times over and over again, this becomes a piece of cake. Finally, the cupboard will get much firmer.

Configurations within the manufacturing industry

Within the manufacturing industry people often use configurations. Think about the automotive industry. Almost every car is configurable. You like to have bigger wheels with 20-inch rims? Climate control? Seat heating? Everything is possible. But these options have an impact too. Because of the availability of different standards, car manufacturers do no longer need engineering in order to assemble each single model.

More and more machine manufacturers count on configurable models in order to save valuable time and to avoid expensive engineering. Hence, various configurations within a single model are possible. Each configuration is linked to different electronic consequences, other measures, weights, etcetera. As a matter of fact, there is a difference between sorting 10,000 eggs on the conveyer belt and 100,000 eggs. 

Also, manufacturers of stairlifts know the advantages of configurable models only too well. A stairlift is not just a standard model. Different options are possible. Think about a straight staircase or a winding staircase on which a chair has to be mounted, the colour of the seat, the control button on the left or on the right, armrests or not, an armrest left or right, … For this, you can manage 16 construction blocks, while you get no less than 64,000 options. You just don’t need to create those different options manually anymore. As a result, you will get a faster time-to-market.

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