Introduction to Mathcad Prime

Remote - online
11 September 2024  -  12 September 2024
09:00 - 17:00

With our 2-day training, we offer you the necessary knowledge with regards to the functionalities and functions in PTC Mathcad Prime.

Broadly speaking, the following subjects are taught:

  • Creating, opening and saving PTC Mathcad files
  • Getting to know the interface
  • Configuring layout/Templates
  • Entering and editing calculations, text and combinations of the two.
  • Using and defining variables
  • Defining and evaluation functions
  • Use of built-in formulas
  • Creating and using range variables
  • Defining and using matrices and vectors
  • Using units in calculations
  • Plotting 2D and 3D charts
  • Using boolean conditions
  • Symbolic solving of equations
  • Numeric solving of unknowns from a set of linear or non-linear equations
  • Optimising a result with and without conditions
  • Solving regular differential equations
  • Programming; using if, else, for and while in a PTC Mathcad sheet
  • Importing and exporting data (including integration with Microsoft Excel)
  • Cleaning up measurement data; interpolation, regression and rounding


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