4ITEGO Group Team Day: collaboration and fun

On May 30th, the 4ITEGO Group Team Day took place! A day filled with fun and team-building, during which we had the opportunity to get to know each other better and work together.

Kick-off and introduction

After a warm welcome, Xavier kicked off the day with a short introduction and introduced our new colleagues. Then we split into different teams for the morning activities. Innoptus had sessions for sales and services, while the Infinite team participated in a team-building activity.

Lunch break

At the start of the afternoon, we gathered for a delicious lunch. It was a great chance to catch up and recharge for the afternoon activities.

Team-building activities

The real fun began in the afternoon! We were divided into teams and started various team-building activities:

  • Building a course: Using bamboo sticks and elastic bands, we built a challenging course. Coordination and teamwork were key.
  • Djenga: A giant version of the classic game. The goal was to smartly remove blocks without toppling the tower.
  • Build a catapult: With poles and ropes, we constructed catapults to launch balls and catch them. The farther the ball went, the more points we earned!
  • Frisbee challenge: An active game where we aimed to catch the frisbee in the scoring zone without running. Speed and strategy were crucial.
  • Rope and puzzle tasks: From handcuff games to various puzzles, these tasks required creative thinking and teamwork.
  • Highland games: Inspired by traditional Scottish strength contests. We competed in caber tossing, nail hammering, pole holding, and tug-of-war. Strength and team tactics were essential here.

Closing barbecue

After all the activities, we enjoyed a delightful barbecue. It was the perfect end to a day full of fun and collaboration.

The 4ITEGO Group Team Day was a huge success, highlighting the importance of teamwork within our organization. Looking forward to the next edition!

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